Make Me Diet

Meal planning

Meal planning

Easy-to-use meal planning editor created to increase your performance

Your time and efficiency are most important to us, that's why we have created a tool for you that will help you with meal planning even faster.

Adding products and meals to the menu in no time

Add your own or complete meals and products to the menu and modify as needed

Splitting meals in the menu into portions

Adjust number of servings for a meal and add each serving anywhere into your menu. The program will automatically calculate the nutritional value for each serving and it will conviniently modify the recipe for the patient in the menu printout.

Swap and delete products

Swap and delete products in the entire menu with one click and the program will automatically adjust changes in all meals.

Copying of menus

Copy menus to the selected file, patient or save them as templates so that you save time creating new diets.

Start using today