Make Me Diet

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in the Make Me Diet program!

We are creating our program to help you in your daily work. Below are the general terms and conditions for using the program. We have done our best to make the following terms and conditions clear to you, but if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us – we will try to help you the best we can!

Basic information

These regulations have been drawn up on the basis of the legal provisions in force in the territory of the Republic of Poland, taking into account the provisions common to the European Union. Each User is obliged to read the regulations and accept them at the time of registration to the program.

For the purposes of the regulations, we will use the following definitions:

  1. “Make Me Diet”, “Administrator”, or “we “ – the company Make Me Diet Limited Liability Company based in Krakow, Poland, KRS: 0000787671, NIP: 7681842317, REGON: 38344790000000, which is the owner of the Program.
  2. “Program “ – computer software Make Me Diet available at
  3. “Account “ – the account of a registered user through which he can use the program,
  4. “User “ – an individual who uses the account.
  5. “Services “ – all products and services provided by Make Me Diet.
  6. “Law “ – the law in force in the Republic of Poland.

We may make changes to the Terms and Conditions in the future and you will be informed about them through our user communication channels.

By using Make Me Diet now or in the future, you agree to the current version of the Terms and Conditions.

Breaking the terms and conditions may result in suspension or deletion of your Account. In any such case, we will endeavor to explain the reason for your inability to access the program as soon as possible.

Account usage rules

  1. An account may only be created by the User, creation by automated methods is prohibited.
  2. The user can have several accounts for which he is responsible.
  3. an Account may be made available to one or several Users, depending on the licence purchased.
  4. the user is responsible for ensuring that access to the account is secure. We recommend that you use a unique password and do not share it with others.
  5. the User shall not use the Account in a manner prohibited by the Law, in particular shall not destabilise the operation of the programme, promote unlawful content, propagate violence, hatred, contain profanity, or unduly damage the image of the programme or Make Me Diet.
  6. The user is responsible for the content he/she adds to the Account.
  7. The programme can be accessed using a device with internet access via a web browser that supports cookies.
  8. the User may create an Account by registering on the Programme website after accepting the Terms and Conditions. Upon registration, an Agreement for the provision of services by electronic means is concluded for an indefinite period of time.
  9. the email address provided during registration, once the account is created and the User agrees to receive commercial information will be added to the newsletter database.

Account for Students

  1. An account for students is generally available for the Polish language version of the programme and on an individual basis for other language versions.
  2. A student discount account is available to undergraduate and graduate students up to the age of 26.
  3. The basis for verification of a student account is a valid student ID card issued to the account holder on the basis of the personal data provided during payment or another document confirming current active student status.
  4. the User who purchased an account with a discount for students, but did not provide the data necessary for verification, provided false or outdated data, the Administrator reserves the right to block the account until verification or cancellation of the order.

Fees, plan changes and refunds

  1. If you use the trial version of the programme, it is completely free – we do not require you to provide any payment details.
  2. After the trial period, we require you to purchase one of the packages or services offered with an upfront payment to use the programme. The current offer can be found on the programme page under the ‘Price List’ tab.
  3. Upon purchase, Make Me Diet or Make Me Diet partners may charge taxes required by the jurisdiction to which you are subject.
  4. discount coupons are not cumulative. The active coupon with the highest value is used for the transaction.
  5. payment for the programme can be made by online payment or bank transfer.
  6. Authorisation of transactions and settlement of payments made by bank transfers and payment cards in the Programme is carried out through Dotpay or Paddle. By providing payment card details, the User agrees to have their account debited up to the amount due for access to the Programme.
  7. Access to the package and activation of the subscription takes place upon receipt of payment by Make Me Diet.
  8. at the time of purchase of the Programme, the User receives a licence to use the Programme, not the Programme itself, and is subject to Make Me Diet’s refund policy.
  9. we do not charge any additional costs without the User’s knowledge.


  1. The User may submit a complaint to the Administrator if the services are not provided by the Administrator or are not provided in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations.
  2. Complaints can be submitted electronically via the contact form using the email address used by the User in the programme.
  3. Complaints will be considered by the Administrator within 7 working days from the date of filing the complaint.
  4. The Administrator reserves the right to interfere with the Account in order to remove irregularities in the functioning of the Program and disruptions or problems in the functioning of the Account.
  5. A reply to a complaint is sent only to the e-mail address assigned to the Account of the User concerned. In exceptional circumstances it is possible to send a reply in another form.

Deletion and suspension of account and cancellation of services

  1. You have the right to delete your account in the programme at any time, without giving any reason, and are aware that this will result in the irretrievable loss of all data assigned to that account.
  2. The administrator has the right to suspend or delete the account in the event of violation of the Law or the Rules by the user.
  3. Deletion of an account will result in automatic termination of the contract for the provision of Services by electronic means.
  4. Full deletion of the account will take place within 30 days. After this period Make Me Diet will not store any data belonging to the User.
  5. In the case of a wrongfully suspended Account, we will undertake to compensate the User accordingly.
  6. The User shall not have any claims against Make Me Diet for all actions of the Administrator in accordance with the Law or the Regulations.
  7. the User has the right to unsubscribe from the newsletter database at any time by clicking the appropriate link provided in the message sent.


  1. Make Me Diet is committed to providing the highest possible quality and diligence in the services provided. We will make every effort to ensure that the software is free of faults and technical errors and that errors are corrected in the best possible way.
  2. We do not guarantee that you will like the software and that it will meet your requirements. Neither do we promise to add the User’s suggestions for changes to the programme.
  3. Make Me Diet is not responsible for any disruptions in the functioning of the Program caused by “force majeure”, equipment failure or unauthorised interference of the Users, even if they would result in the loss of data in the Users’ Accounts.
  4. Make Me Diet reserves the right to modify the services, tools and operation of the Programme without affecting the User’s database.
  5. In the event of planned technical interruptions, we will inform the Users about them in the programme or by message.
  6. Currently, the programme fully supports all devices with resolution above 1024px x 768px, and to a large extent all devices with lower resolution.
  7. Make Me Diet is not responsible for the results achieved by patients and the menus generated by the programme except for the responsibility for the correctness of the nutritional results.
  8. Make Me Diet has made every effort to ensure that the data in the programme is in line with current medical and scientific knowledge.
  9. in the event of discontinuation of the programme, the user will have access to all his/her data in a commonly used format.

Privacy and copyright

  1. we never share or sell your data.
    2) We do not own the rights to any of your material in the programme.
  2. all of your data affecting the security of access to your Account is encrypted and we are unable to access it.
  3. by posting data, image or other content to your Account, you consent to the Administrator seeing this information and using it.
  4. The name of the Programme, its concept, graphic design, software and database are protected by law.
  5. If there is a suspicion that any material posted in the Program may violate the right to privacy of another User or another person, such a person should report their concerns to the Administrator.
  6. These rules are subject to copyright. It may not be reproduced without the written consent of Make Me Diet.

Last update: 21.12.2022.